TFConnect Feature: Web Portal

Now more than ever, business gets done on the web. A solid web presence can set your business apart from your competitors and open up new channels of business for you. Providing your customers with the means to enter new orders and track their loads reduces errors and improves the efficiency of your operation.

With TFConnect, you can provide your customers with secure web applications branded to your company colors, logo, and name to provide for order entry, tracking, rate shopping, and a host of other key features. The following list illustrates some of the key web features available to you with TFConnect.

Order Entry
TFConnect provides a web application your customers can use to enter freight orders on the web. Your customers will enter the shipper, consignee, bill to, pick-up and dropoff dates, line items, and service level requested. They will be given an immediate rate based on the rates you have configured within TFConnect. Users are able to track the order on your website from the entry point all the way to capturing the POD information.

Shipment Tracking
Your customers have the ability to track their orders online at any time after the order is entered. They can track in-transit, dispatched, and delivered orders. Once an order is delivered the customer can see the POD and invoice summary on the shipment tracking web page.

Quick Rating
If your customers simply need a quote from you without tendering the order, they can use the simple quick rater web application that ships with TFConnect. By entering minimal information, your customer will be given a rate and a recommended carrier for the shipment.

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