TFConnect Feature: Custom Reporting and Data Services

One of the many benefits you'll gain by using TFConnect is access to the programming staff at Top Flight Concepts. Top Flight Concepts' application developers are highly-skilled and experienced in creating transportation data management solutions. Below are a few of the more commonly utilized services by our clients.

EDI Services

More and more, customers are requiring that carriers invoice them exclusively using EDI and without paper. Some carriers are also requesting that shippers tender freight orders to them using EDI standards rather than faxes, phone calls, and emails. The data stored in TFConnect is easily adaptable to all EDI standards and the staff at Top Flight Concepts is knowledgeable and proficient in the transmission of EDI files. Top Flight Concepts will transmit your EDI files on your behalf at regular intervals daily, without requiring any intervention from you.

ERP Integration

With regard to accounting, order receiving, and reporting purposes, TFConnect can be integrated with your business managment or ERP software. Should you receive freight orders from an ERP, you can use the "Downloaded Orders" module of TFConnect to see all the new orders available to you that need to be assigned, tendered, or quoted. These orders are searchable using a variety of search parameters. TFConnect can be configured for real-time ERP integration or it can be configured to provide ERP integration on a scheduled basis.

Custom Reporting

TFConnect comes standard with many commonly used reports and data exports that you need to operate your business successfully. However, we are aware that you and your customers may require reports that are specific to your business. As such, we have designed TFConnect to be highly customizable. In the event you need a report that is not immediately available to you in TFConnect, the programmers at Top Flight Concepts will develop your custom report for you in a timely manner. The report can then be made available to you in TFConnect, or automatically delivered to you or your customer, on a scheduled basis.

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